Idaho Triple Murder Suspect Had A Relationship With Two Victims Simultaneously


Gerald “Mike” Bullinger was with his wife of 10 years and girlfriend at the same time

On June 16th, police in Caldwell, Idaho received a concerned phone call from one of Gerald Bullinger’s relatives who was unable to reach the 60-year-old or his family since June 8th.

Police visited Bullinger’s Idaho home, which the real estate listing described as a two-bathroom, four-bedroom house on five acres with “no rear neighbors”. There the police discovered three badly decomposed bodies.

Bullinger had purchased the Idaho property a month before in May with his wife of 10 years and companion of 17, Cheryl Baker. The two were planning to move from Utah.

Unknown to Baker, Bullinger’s girlfriend of two years Nadja Medley and her daughter, 14-year-old Payton were planning the same move, also from Utah. Medley had been mentioning the possibility of a move since March of 2016 through regular Facebook posts.

Sudden halt of communication

Michelle Holbrook, a close friend of Medley’s, stated: “It hit us as a shock that he was married because we had no idea”. Medley would often allude to her and Bullinger’s relationship on Facebook, posting in March 2017: “WE’RE MOVING! That’s right. A new home has been found and Mike, Payton Medley and I are moving in together! Boise, here we come!”

Baker and Medley shared a love for animals. Police discovered the corpses of birds and dogs alongside the human remains. The two women and the teenage girl were estimated to have died 1-2 weeks prior to discovery.

June 8th was around the period when communication from Baker and the Medleys cut. One of Baker’s friends received a disturbing text message from her, reading: “Take care of my dogs. I don’t know if I’m coming back”.

Payton Medley’s best friend, who claimed her and Payton communicated “constantly”, received her last Snapchat from Payton around the same time.

Bullinger is not an official suspect, but “a person of interest for failing to report three deaths on his property”. His whereabouts are unknown, and police are conducting a multi-state search for him.