Indiana State Department of Health gets a record-breaking $26m grant to care for HIV positive patients


Indiana has just strengthened its battle against HIV and AIDS, The State Department of Health was given an unprecedented grant to support HIV patients statewide.

ISDH will get a $26 million grant as part of the Ryan White Supplemental Award. The high number of HIV diagnoses patients and opioid epidemic helped the state to get the competitive grant. Mark Schwering, ISDH HIV Services Program Manager said they managed the opioid epidemic that affected Scott County, was maintained properly, showing that they know how to manage such stuff.

The winning proposal

The team penned down a proposal indicating how they would manage the grant fund, and they secured the biggest grant for HIV services in the history of Indian.

Schwering said the funds would be used for people living with HIV. He added that a large portion of the money would be used to control substance abuse disorders in HIV patients. And some portion of the grant will be used for potentially treatment, housing, upgrade of the management system and foods in some scenarios.

Non-profits firms like the Damien Center hopes the grant will help reduce recent HIV cases. The director of development and communication at the Damien Center, Jeremy Turner said when HIV patients are linked with healthcare; they experience a reduced viral load. When the community’s viral load is reduced, HIV becomes less transmissible.

In 2016, over 12,000 Hoosiers had the HIV, and there were over 500 persons recently diagnosed with HIV or AIDS, and non- profit bodies like Damien Center sa its better time to fight harder against the virus. Turner added that ending AIDS is possible with the new tools.

HIV support firms in the state can craft and submit their proposals, stating why they should be awarded grant. The major focus will be honed on the areas with largest HIV positive patients, including Marion, Allen, and Scott counties.