Instagram Reveals Hackers Trick


Popular social networking site, Instagram has just disclosed a new weakness that was recently discovered in their system which revealed phone numbers and email addresses of verified accounts to Hackers.

Phone Data Stolen

Information has been passed across to the affected victims alerting them of this new development and imploring them to be vigilant and careful about whom they receive calls, texts or emails from. It is believed that the motive behind this attack is to target contact information of prominent figures.

Though Instagram has refuted any claim that passwords have been stolen, users are advised to be very careful. The cause of this security vulnerability was revealed to be the result of a fault in the company’s Application programming interface (API) which to the relief of affected parties have long been corrected.

Instagram boasts of whooping 700 million users worldwide with the number of daily active users pegged at 375 million and has been faced with a number of attacks over the years. Though Instagram has not disclosed the affected accounts, everyone is on the look out to know the effect of this latest weakness.

However, Instagram did not reveal how this hack was uncovered but it is quite obvious that it was done recently. It is believed that hackers got the email addresses and numbers of the accounts that are affected but did not have access to their passwords. Furthermore, Instagram has fixed the software bug and will continue to carry out more investigation to determine how this issue happened.