iPhone Cases Withdrawn Following Skin Irritation Issues


A series of liquid-filled iPhone cases is have been recalled following reports that they cause chemical burns and skin irritation.

The cases, few of them bears Victoria’s Secret products, have glitz hovering underneath their plastic surface.
Buyers stand the danger of swelling, burns and irritation in the event the liquid drips out and extend to their skin.

The recall has already started taking effect in the Canada, Mexico and US.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission in its media delivery wrote. “One buyer made it known that he had constant marking arising out from chemical burns and also someone else said she experienced swelling in her legs, neck, face, hands, and upper body along with chemical burns”.

It also reports that around 263,000 of the cases had already been sold out in the US.

Pictures of the damage brands, few of which bears the Henri Bendel or Tory Burch brand, and Victoria’s secret have all been shared online.

MixBin Electronics – who created the cases – is giving out compensation to the consumers affected.

Dropped By Amazon & Ebay

The cases were still up on eBay’s UK store before the report broke and the issue was brought to the company’s notice.
MixBin liquid glitz cases had already been taken out from Amazon’s UK website.

The internet retailers did not give any reason why the product was redrawn but it is believed that it is connected to a side effect of the casing.