Iran grants reporting visa to NY-based Jewish newspaper


Jewish Daily Forward is known for its critical stance vis-à-vis government of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

TEHRAN, Iran – Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance has granted a three-week reporting visa to the Jewish Daily Forward, a prominent New York-based publication, an Iranian website reported Sunday.

The move was confirmed on Sunday by Mohsen Rezai, secretary-general of Iran’s Expediency Discernment Council, according to the website.

The temporary visa will allow a Forward correspondent to carry out journalistic work in Iran for a three-week period.

Last week, the ministry granted reporting licenses to several other prominent foreign media outlets, including the BBC.

The move follows a landmark deal with western powers – reached on July 14 in Geneva – in which Tehran agreed to curbs on its nuclear energy program in exchange for the gradual lifting of sanctions.

Notably, the Jewish Daily Forward is known for taking a critical line vis-à-vis the government of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – one of the nuclear deal’s staunchest critics.

In 2009, the Iranian government cancelled the BBC’s license to operate in the country after accusing the broadcaster of promoting “false news” about Iranian presidential elections held the same year.