How often do you sleep with your phone? Let’s be honest with one another. Most of us have a very intimate relationship with our mobile devices. If you were to leave your home and forget your phone, most people would freak out. Some can’t go a day without their significant other. Although, you may find joy, entertainment, and peace with your phone by your side, it may be time to end the relationship. Not completely, but there has to be some limits on how and when you actively use your phone.

The most addictive reason for always having the phone around us is social media. It is true that the phone is great for emergencies, but honestly you want to be able to tweet your reaction to the presidential election, wherever you maybe. Outside of the 24-hour Facebook and twitter, there is also the addiction of mobile games.

Every 3-4 months, a new game may come along and be the next great thing. Now, you have something to do on your lunch break or when you get off work. If you become bored with your game and need a break from “social world”, there is always the familiar ‘texting’. You are able to talk to everyone you know and never dial a phone number. You just simply send a message, when you feel like saying something. With all of its recreational bliss, there is a downside to ‘courting’ your mobile device.

Interfering with Sleep

There is one thing you cannot overlook, and that is sleep. You may want to and a lot of people have tried, but sleep eventually gets its way. On that third day of not sleeping, you collapse and sleep takes over. Your phone may not keep you up for 3 days, but it can minimize the recommended amount of sleep. Reading some social media gossip, before going to bed, can activate neutrons in your brain and make you more alert. It is recommended that you stop roaming your phone, at least 30 minutes prior to going to bed.