There was a celebration amongst the Islamic extremists, once news was received about Donald Trump’s election victory. The extremists said that the election results display the anti-Muslim sentiment amongst half of the Americans. The Islamic terrorist groups believe that this presidential election is a sign of the country’s downfall. The groups that responded to the shocking victory, included Al Qaeda, the Taliban, and the Islamic State.

The founder of SITE Intelligence Group, Rita Katz made this comment on Twitter, “Pro #AQ (Al Qaeda) accounts: ‘On 9-11 US struck w disaster at the hands of AQ. On 11-9, US struck with disaster at the hands of their own voters”. A number of different memes that were posted by the Jihadist groups was shared by Katz. The memes were taunts against the president-elect, about his military intervention plans for the Middle East. There was a meme that showed a pair of red boxing gloves, with the message “Bring it on, Donald. The mujahedeen are ready.” Mujahedeen is a coalition of jihadists.

A large part of Trump’s campaign had to do with defeating the ISIS terrorists groups. The president-elect made a promise to assign generals, within 30 days of being in office, which would develop a plan to destroy the Islamic terrorists. The Jihadist groups responded with another meme, which said “Don’t try to hide, Donald. The mujahedeen are ready.” The image was Trump holding an American flag, with a smirk. Trump also promised that all Muslim immigration would be banned and that American Muslims and their mosques would be under close watch.

It was said by Katz that the Jihadists wanted Trump to win the presidential election, because it would allow the world to see how Muslims are viewed by half of the people in America. This would allow them to place pressure upon the president and his government.