Israel to build 'security fence' along Jordan border


According to Israeli PM, 30-kilometer barrier will run from Red Sea city of Eilat to Timna airport

JERUSALEM – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday announced that his government had decided to build a “security fence” along the border with neighboring Jordan.

“The Israeli cabinet has approved construction of a 30-kilometer security fence along the Israeli-Jordanian border that will run from the Red Sea city of Eilat to the Timna airport,” Netanyahu said before a meeting with the Knesset’s foreign affairs and defense committee.

The Israeli premier went on to assert that the planned barrier would be built entirely on Israeli territory, insisting it would not harm Jordanian interests.

“The security wall is essential to maintaining Israel’s national security,” Netanyahu stressed.

Israel has already built two other such barriers – one between Israel and Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula and another in the occupied Golan Heights between Israel and Syria.