Israel’s Ethiopian Jews stage fresh anti-police protest


Hundreds of Ethiopian Jews have staged a protest in Tel Aviv to reject Israeli police “violence and discrimination” against members of their community.

Protesters shouted the slogan, “We will not stand silent” during the protest in Tel Aviv on Monday evening, Israel’s Channel 7 reported.

One day earlier, Israeli President Reuven Rivlin admitted his country had “failed to resolve the grievances” of Ethiopian Jews in Israel.

Earlier this month, thousands of Ethiopian Jews took to the streets of Tel Aviv to protest what they described as “discrimination” against them by Israeli police and government agencies.

A number of Israeli policemen have been injured – and at least six protesters detained – during several days of demonstrations.

The ongoing wave of protests by Ethiopian Jews in Israel was triggered by a recent assault on an Ethiopian-Israeli soldier by two Israeli policemen.

Jews of Ethiopian descent accuse the Israeli authorities of discriminating against members of their community.

Three years ago, Ethiopian Jews staged demonstrations in central Israel to protest the refusal of a number of Israeli schools to allow the enrollment of children of Ethiopian descent.

Unofficial estimates put the number of Jews of Ethiopian origin in the self-proclaimed state at about 125,500, some 5,400 of whom serve in the Israeli army.