Italy says bombings not enough to stop extremists


‘We cannot think that we can resolve everything with events of a limited duration,’ says Italian PM

ROME – Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said Monday that bombings will not be enough to stop extremist groups like Daesh, and has urged the international community to adopt a comprehensive political strategy to stop terrorism.     

“Our position remains the same — when faced with a complex problem that has lasted for years, we cannot think that we can resolve everything with events of a limited duration,” Renzi said at the G20 summit when asked about France bombing of Daesh headquarters in Raqqa in Syria following Friday’s deadly attacks in Paris. “A great political strategy is needed.”   

Italy last year sent Tornado warplanes to Kuwait to work on reconnaissance duties against Daesh in Iraq but the Italian Defense Ministry has said recently Rome was considering whether to bomb Daesh but that no decision was taken.    

Italy’s already-high level of alert has been raised following Friday’s massacre, especially in Rome, which, as the home of the Catholic Church, is a potential target and is preparing to host an extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy at the beginning of December.    

Renzi has also said that the Italian government was ready to discuss the issue of increasing the funding for security in the 2016 budget bill. “The budget bill has entered parliament with more money than in the past,” Renzi said at the G20 summit. “If parliament wants to increase funding [for security], we are ready to talk about it.”       

At least 129 people were killed in Friday’s attacks in Paris, carried out by Islamist extremists, including 28-year-old Italian doctoral student Valeria Solesin from Venice. She was reportedly attending a concert with her boyfriend at the Bataclan, which was one of the locations of the mass shooting.