It’s all lies, says Melania Trump


Former model Melania Trump says the women who have accused her husband of sexually assaulting them are making it up.

Mrs Trump, who married Donald Trump in 1998, said her husband was the victim of a drive by the news media and the Clinton campaign to besmirch his reputation.

Mr Trump, 70, has been beset by controversy since a video emerged of him, during a visit to the Days of Our Lives soap opera set, boasting about groping women without their permission.

Following those revelations, a number of women came forward to say Mr Trump had sexually assaulted them.

However, Mrs Trump, 46, said their claims were nonsense. Speaking during a television interview, she said: “I believe my husband. It was all organised from the opposition. They can never check the background of these women. They don’t have any facts.”

She said Mr Trump was simply engaging in boastful “boy talk” and he would never have assaulted anyone.

Born in Yugoslavia, Mrs Trump became a US resident in 2001. She added: “Sometimes, I say I have two boys at home. I have my young son and I have my husband, but I know how some men talk and that’s how I saw it.”

Her husband’s aids will be delighted that she has now come out in support of her husband. They have been trying to push her to do a sit-down interview with Mr Trump in a move similar to that of Bill and Hillary Clinton when they sat down with 60 Minutes following revelations of Mr Clinton’s infidelity.

However, up until now, Mrs Trump has been pretty much absent from the campaign trail, after being stung by bad publicity when it emerged the speech she made at the Republican National Convention had taken lines from Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention.

She did put out a written statement when the video tape was first released. However, in it, she said her husband’s words were “unacceptable and offensive” but she had accepted his apology and she hoped the American public would too. She said she would be keeping what the couple said to each other in the immediate aftermath of the tape’s release private.

Mr Trump’s advisors are said to believe his wife would have to do much more to help persuade the general public, and in particular women, that he was worthy of holding office.