James Harden’s Evening against the Utah Jazz brings Houston Rockets to the third straight win


James Harden just set a 56-point personal record when he wondered if he knew he was in Houston Rockets.

The corset shrugged, answering: “We won, did not us?”

And they did it with Harden just 35 minutes at 137-110 wins over Utah Jazz on Sunday night, which brought her Best Western Conference record at 8-3.

Atlanta 117, Cleveland 115: Dennis Schroeder won 28 points and Hawksend lost the line in eight games. Kevin Love of the Cavaliers left the hospital in the third trimester and took to hospital for unknown illness. LeBron James had 26 points and 13 assists for Cleveland, who lost five of the seven games.

Boston 104, Orlando 88: Jaylen Brown won 18 points, Al Horford 14 points and 10 rebounds, and Celtics won the eighth round after losing the season with two defeats. Magic has lost two consecutive games.

Washington 107, Toronto 96: Bradley Beal won 38 points, and Wizardsover recovered from lack of guard John Wall, who did not attend due to distortion in the left shoulder. Raptors lost backfall for Kyle Lowry 8:08 in the second quarter after getting two technical offenses.

In San Antonio 112, Phoenix 95: LaMarcus Aldridge won 21 points for Spurs, who kept the Sun at 13 points in the third quarter, the lowest production of Spurs opponent in any quarter of that season.

In Minnesota 112, Charlotte 94: Jeff Teague had 18 points and 12 assists, and Timberwolves won the fifth time in a row. The last time Minnesota won five games in a row was from January 2 to 10, 2009.

In New York 108, Indiana 101: Kristaps Porzingis achieved a 40-point personal record to get Knick from a 19-point deficit. It was his seventh performance in 30 games this season.

In Portland 103, Oklahoma City 99: Damian Lillard had 36 points and 13 assists, and 295 seconds of driving a ride gave Trail Blazer 98-94 who could not overpower Thunderwere.