Jersey City Police Chase Leads To Crash And Setting Driver On Fire As Police Kicked At Him


A fiery police chase in the streets of Jersey City on Sunday led to a crash. The driver’s attires were on fire and there was a video of the police kicking that man. Prosecutors are investigating what happened.

The events started when police got a call early Thursday about gunfire and an attempt to stop a car which then raced away from the scene.

The chase then started. Police fired multiple shots at the vehicle which was causing accidents and eventually crashed into a utility pole, while crashing another vehicle.

The two cars were starting to get on fire while being surrounded by the telephone pole with electric wires powering the fires. The footage was taken by bystanders.

Police Role

Witnesses said there was squad cars in the scene.

“They came out into the middle of the road and created a barricade,” witness Tom Evans said. “As that barricade was being created, there was a loud boom. Two cars smashed into one another and into a telephone pole.”

Officers then helped one guy who was stuck in the car when another man ran away from the scene.

“There was another guy that flew out of one of the cars,” Evans noted. “They were aggressive after him, handcuffed him and threw him in the back of a cop car.”


The video, however, showed a man getting out of the car while removing something burning he was wearing. His upper torso was on fire. He then collapses on the floor while officers kicked him and dragging him away.


“We are working with the Hudson County Prosecutor’s Officer and are in the process of identifying the officers on this video. Once we clearly identify all the officers involved, we will be seeking termination in addition to any possible criminal penalties in appropriate cases.” Jersey City spokesperson Jennifer Morrill stated.

Carmine Disbrow, the president of the Jersey City Police union, stated: “As it should be, this entire incident is being fully investigated. Taking swift action isn’t always elegant, but this video clearly shows that the officers acted quickly to extinguish the flames, and pull this man out of harm’s way.”