Jewish Community Centers throughout the U.S. receive bomb threats


    Jewish Community Centers throughout the nation were again attacked with bomb threats on Wednesday morning. Seven days after a series of comparative threats against other centers. The centers were located in Miami, Newton, Massachusetts, Scotch Plains, New Jersey, California’s Bay Area, and Portland, and Maine. Two centers in Connecticut, one at the Jewish Community Center of Greater New Haven in Woodbridge and another at The Mandell Jewish Community Center West Hartford, gave additional details of getting bomb threats. Seven or more centers in Florida, New Jersey, Delaware, Tennessee and North Carolina a week ago.

    Marla Cohen, correspondences supervisor for the New-York based, Jewish Community Center Association of North America said that 28 focuses in 17 states have been debilitated altogether on Wednesday. A week ago, there were 16 Jewish Community Centers undermined in nine states. She said a portion of the threats came in as programmed dialers and some were actual people. A week ago, the FBI was brought in, she said.

    A Jewish Community Center working in Marin County, California, was likewise cleared as a safety precaution after threats. “We don’t know what’s going on. There are a lot of unknowns. We are very concerned about the existence of these calls and the literal threat they are imposing on the community. We will be responding appropriately”, said Jeremy Russell, of the Jewish Community Relations Council in San Francisco.

    There were no wounds or genuine explosives revealed discovered after the before bomb dangers. “I think this is the world we now live in. There will be threats to religious organizations and we’ll see it skewed toward certain religions more than others”, said Molly Jo Rosen, an employee with California’s Kol Shofar synagogue.