Judge Orders an Immediate Halt Regarding Trump’s Executive Order


A federal judge has ordered a halt for U.S. President Trump’s controversial executive order regarding the travel ban that was set into motion.

The executive order has resulted in numerous lawsuits being filed against it along with several tech companies based in the United States condemning it.

The order had put a temporary ban on the refugee process for a duration of 120 days, as well as implementing a ban on citizens arriving from seven specific countries that hold a Muslim majority population.

Judge Andre Birotte Jr. from the US district demanded in what was referred to as an emergency order on this travel ban.

Not Completely Gone

However, the halt on the order did not mention what the case would be concerning the hold on the refugees entering the country, along with no mention for those who hold non-immigrant visas.

The order declared that those who hold immigrant visas from the seven countries of Sudan, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Syria, Iran, and Iraq are permitted to enter the United States.

It also declared that defendants are not permitted to cancel immigrant visas that have already been obtained by the individual.

Two Sides

As of now the U.S. Justice Department has not made any statement regarding this matter. Meanwhile Github has been exerting efforts into persuading companies to join in on the lawsuit that had started in Washington State in order to dismantle the executive order.

This recent legal ruling however is not the first of its kind regarding this entire matter. Last Saturday the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) had filed a case against the order in which a judge in New York then ordered an emergency halt for no deportations to take place against travelers who had been banned to enter the United States from the seven countries that were listed.

This ruling served those who had already arrived at any airport within the U.S.