Justice for baby Elsie – hundreds sign petition after man who punched baby in face is let off with a fine


Hundreds of people have signed a petition calling for tougher action after an elderly man who punched a five-day-old baby girl in the face was let off with just a fine.

The man, David Hardy, 63, said he thought the little girl was a doll and that he only flicked her, rather than punched her, while heading to the tills at Tesco.

However, Elsie’s angry mother Amy Duckers has started the petition after Hardy was allowed to walk free from court even though he was found guilty of assaulting little Elsie Temple.

She has branded the punishment of a £900 fine as “sickening,” adding: “Me and my family are devastated with the outcome and feel as though the justice system have failed us and just let him off with such a terrible crime. So we want to appeal this case and need all the support from you lovely people who I know will also think this is a disgrace so come on let’s get justice for baby Elsie.”

The mother-of-two said she couldn’t believe it when her daughter’s assailant was allowed to walk out of court without receiving any jail time, or even a commuity order.

The judge sitting in the case, District Judge Sam Goozee, said it was ridiculous to have thought that the baby was a doll. But despite saying that he fully believed Hardy knew he was punching a baby, he handed him only a £900 fine and ordered him to pay £100 in compensation to the little girl’s family.

When the sentence was revealed, the baby’s grandfather stormed out of court, angrily shouding that the fine was a “joke”. Meanwhile, Ms Duckers, 27, said she was appalled by the leniency of the punishment. She said: “He could have killed her or left her with lasting damage.”

Thankfully, although Elsie was left with a red mark on her head, she was not seriously injured.