Kane County Prisoner Killed At Geneva Hospital After Stand Off With 21 Year Old Patient


After stealing a guard’s gun and holding a Geneva hospital nurse hostage for a few hours, the SWAT group killed Kane County prisoner Saturday afternoon.

The Standoff

A standoff started around 1:00 pm., with Tywon Salters, a 21 year old man patient from Chicago at Northwestern Medicine Delnor Hospital since May 8, squatted with the female nurse in a room close to the hospital’s emergency room after he stole the guard’s gun.

Negotiators attempted to convince Salters to surrender himself, but it didn’t work and individuals from the SWAT group interfered.

Around 4 pm., Salters was shot and killed by a policeman from the North Aurora Police Department.

As for the nurse, she wasn’t harmed. Few people are complaining from minor wounds but they were all treated and discharged.

Authorities postponed declaring the incident until 6 p.m. to make sure that Salters’ family had been notified.

Salters was in Kane County jail since April 11 because he was charged of ownership of a stolen engine vehicle. Lt. Patrick Gengler did not say why Salters was treated at the hospital nor how Salters took the firearm from the prison guard.


The incident took place on the third floor of the hospital where Salters was being treated as a patient while Kane County prison guards watched for him. Then suddenly, he held two nurses as hostages.

Consequently, the emergency room was evacuated and Patients who can’t leave were moved by an ambulance to other hospitals.

“We were able to move patients out of the ER,” hospital spokeswoman Kimberly Waterman said. “Those that needed medical care were transferred to other hospitals.”