Kilburn High Road Shooting Victim Identified


A close friend to the victim who was shot dead yesterday outside a café and kebab shop on Kilburn High Road, North London, has shared his name online.

The victim’s name is Yasir, in his 20s, was shot by an unidentified shooter around 5:20 pm yesterday, and was pronounced dead on the pavement on which he fell.

Bruno Tampo, a friend of Yasir reacted on Facebook and stated “I received shocking news that my brother Yasir Loopy was shot dead today in Kilburn High Road.”

Tampo counsels young people through his Bruno Tampo Foundation, and stated that Yasir had also been stabbed in Kilburn last year during some altercation of some sort in the arm, and that he has been in the struggle in shifting his lifestyle around.

“We met in prison and when we were released we were based at the same hostel in West Hampstead and we bonded,” said Mr. Tampo.

No arrests or suspects have been identified by the Metropolitan Police, and they refused to make any statements about the identity of the victim.

Immediately after the shooting, women from a nearby Somali mosque panicked with hysteria as they dreaded the possibility of knowing who was shot.

A crowd grouped up at the scene and several fights occurred amidst the chaos.

Witnesses allegedly said they witnessed about up to 10 police cars arriving outside the café, and a group of young black people were shoving people amidst the chaos to see who was shot, for possibly knowing the victim.

A witness added that an Asian female was of the first people to jump to the scene and assist Yasir after being shot.

The Brondesbury railway station just around the corner of the scene has been temporarily closed after the shooting, and an autopsy report is set to take place within the next few days.