KLU Klux Klan Threat to President-elect Donald Trump


Donald Trump skew us if you dare! Those were the threatening words of many white supremacy leaders. Many in the Klan are saying that President-elect Trump will disappoint the far-right supporters that supported him during the recent USA election.

The KKK activists that voted solely for the then Republican Nominee saluted the newly elected President at a rally in the US capital. The white supremacy leaders declared to the Guardian that if incoming President Donald Trump does not meet the group’s expectation they will start a revolution.

With the current killing of minorities and the struggles that the country had experienced over many centuries, several analysts as well as the general public fears a Donald Trump administration rifled with quasi-fascism and racism.

Many are hopeful that new President Donald J. Trump will openly express and disavow himself from such disillusion squabbling and far right-influencers with no progressive ideas that will help move the country and make America great again, which was the slogan of candidate Trump when he was on the campaign trail.

Controversial as he may be, the President-elect was given the mandate by the American people to govern the country in a professional manner that will be beneficial to all citizens of the United States.

Donald Trump has toned his rhetoric down somewhat since assuming the highest job in the country’s storied history. During his campaign for the Republican nominee, Trump ran a bruising campaigning taking out every member of his party that stood in his path to the White House.

On November 8, 2016, he made history by securing the win for the Republican Party in an unexpected landslide against Hillary Clinton the nominee for the Democrats.

The entire world was sent into a tail-spin since many had written off the loud mouth egotiscal Donald Trump as the looser. Not many people expected the man with no political experience to assume the coveted job at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.