Las Vegas Police Officer Accused Of Manslaughter After Using Chokehold


A police officer has been charged with murdering a man at Las Vegas Strip resort, as he accidentally killed the man chokehold, authorities said.

Las Vegas Metropolitan police officer Kenneth Lopera was accused Monday of accidentally murdering Tashii Farmer, 40, at The Venetian casino-hotel in the Mother’s Day. He also was accused of oppression under the colour of office.

The incident

On May 14 this year, Farmer approached Lopera and his coworker inside the hotel around 12:50 a.m., claiming that there were people who were running after him, police said. Farmer then ran to escape in the restricted area of the property, and Lopera ran after him.

Then Farmer and Lopera had a brawl in which Lopera punched Farmer with a closed fist several times, shot him with a stun gun several times which is illegal and prohibited by law, and took an unauthorised “rear naked choke” to restrain Framer as Lopera believed that he was carjacking, police said.

‘Rear naked choke’ used

The “rear naked choke” with which Lopera restrained Farmer was not approved by the Las Vegas department. Lopera had used an illegal technique on Farmer for more than a minute, police department statement said.

The chokehold was regularly used in different types of martial arts. The chokehold causes lateral pressure to both sides of the neck, preventing the victim of the opponent from breathing oxygen.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department Undersheriff Kevin McMahill said at a May news conference, “The policy … states that once the suspect has been exposed to three cycles of the Taser or the electronic control device, it shall be deemed ineffective unless exigent circumstances exist. Officers are taught to transition to another tool.”

Union president Steve Grammas said that Lopera has been set free after The Las Vegas Police Protective Association paid his $6,000 bail.