Lewis Hamilton Revels In Victory


Lewis Hamilton has stated that he felt really good after he took the lead for the first time in the Formula One World Championship this season after he won the Italian Grand Prix.

Hamilton was first on every lap as he went on to claim his sixth victory this season at Monza. This also made the first driver to have a back to back victory this season after his win at the Grand Prix of Belgium.

This result takes Lewis Hamilton 3 points closer to the series leader Sebastian Vettel finished third in the race.

“This is a great time for me” Hamilton said after the victory. “It’s has been a real battle and constant search for perfection. Which has been what we needed to beat Ferrari. Because they have been really great this year.”

My Goal Has Been Victory

“I am at a point in the season where some decisions have to be taken regardless of the consequences because it needs to be done if we are to be successful in the race. The goal is to come out strong and I have been able to ignite my passion and go for the win.”

Hamilton further revealed that he felt renewed after the win at the Grand Prix in the UK as it has spurred him on to go for more victories this season. However, he insisted that he doesn’t feel any pressure because Ferrari are still are a very formidable threat.