Lonzo is a special player – Magic Johnson


LA executive and NBA legend, Magic Johnson, believes new Laker’s recruit, Lonzo Ball will do much more than triple-doubles feat he achieved in the summer league.

“We can see what he can do. If he can get triple-doubles all through the summer league season, he will definitely get triple-doubles when the regular season kicks off”.

He Is Just Like Me

Johnson said. “He is a lot like me because when I signed for the Lakers I was under a lot of pressure. As the No. 1 pick, there was a lot of pressure but I didn’t really care. I just played my game and I expect that Lonzo is going to do just the same here. That’s what all great players do.

Magic Johnson made this known during an unveiling ceremony for new signing Kentavious Caldwell-Pope at the LA Laker’s ground.

He also praised Lonzo’s handling of the ball and how he impacts the game when he is on the court. Stating that he sees a lot of similarities between them.

“Lonzo is a special kid, there is no question about that and that’s because he makes other players better. He does tricks that you cannot teach. He makes great assist that can lead to points and not just a regular pass.”

“I admire him a lot because he has a great effect on people.”

“It’s pretty much the same when it comes to his basketball IQ,” John said when he was asked what they have in common and what we need right now is a player that can create opportunities for others. This is what makes other teams so strong because they have a lot of players that can do it.