Man Snatches Police Gun At Munch Station And Critically Wounds One Woman And To Bystanders


A Man snatched a police gun at Munich suburban station, critically wounding one woman and two bystanders. Police lightly injured the gunman and brought him into custody.

The Incident

According to police, a man at Unterföhring S-Bahn railway station in Munich snatched a police gun, shot a in the head and two other bystanders.

The police shot at the man, lightly injuring him, and brought him into custody for questioning. The police have said that they do not consider this a terrorist act and that there is “no political or religious motive.” nor a ”danger to public life”.

The police said that this started with a fight among several individuals at the station, including one who was carrying a knife. It was then that the man grabbed a police gun and started shooting- firing over five shots. According to the local news, the 37-year-old man is a Munich resident and German citizen.

The policewoman is in critical condition and has been admitted into the hospital. The two other bystanders were also seriously injured and taken to the hospital.

Rail services were temporarily suspended and a police investigation was initiated in order to find out exactly what happened.

“Several people were injured by shots. A female police officer was badly wounded.” Munich police tweeted.

Just last year, another shooting happened at a railway station in Munich, where one man stabbed four people, killing one of them. The man had managed to escape the scene and was later discovered to suffer from mental illness.

Comments From Witnesses

One witness, 55-year-old Ulrike Goldfuss, said: “When the train pulled into the station, I saw policemen holding a man on the platform.”

“I was standing at the door of the exit. I suddenly heard 3 or 4 shots. We all lay down immediately. When the doors opened I saw a policewoman with blood on her face. We all ran up the stairs. We are now so used to hearing about terror attacks that our instinct was to lie down.”