Manhunt in the Arctic for Murder of British Woman


A yet unidentified 26 year old British woman, believed to reside from Scotland was stabbed to death by evidence that seems to be leaning towards her 36 year old boyfriend from the Czech Republic.

The incident took place in Kuttanen, Lapland, Finland, where temperatures have dropped to a mere -30C.

The suspected boyfriend fled the scene and initiated a man hunt by the authorities in the arctic wilderness, as police performed a frantic search for him using snowmobiles and helicopters.

Couple Worked Together

The couple were seasonal workers, and the woman worked for the Santa Safari tour company. “We are deeply saddened to confirm that a member of the Santa Safari team was discovered dead on 3 December,” the spokesperson for the company said.

The statement continued on with “We thank visitors for their understanding at this difficult time and we will ensure that anyone whose trips have been affected will be compensated.”


The suspected murderer is now in custody by the authorities, after he was sent to the hospital in Rovaniemi for a possible case of hypothermia that he may have endured as a result of his run in the wilderness when he escaped with dogsleds.

The Santa Safari company are currently in cooperation with the Finnish police so as to upkeep the maintenance of the investigation of the murder.

The suspected murderer has not in any way requested aid or communicated with the Czech Embassy regarding his case.

The Czech spokesman for the government stated that “The MFA (ministry of foreign affairs) of the Czech Republic can confirm that a Czech citizen was arrested as a murder suspect in Lapland on Sunday, December 4.

We are in contact with the police in Finland. We cannot provide any further details as the investigation of this case has just started.” The story is still developing.