Markets, Mody’s applauds $ 32 billion Bazooka for banks in India


The Indian government was welcomed by investors and credit for its record capital of $ 2.11 trillion ($ 32 billion) for beleaguered government banks.

The measure, which is pushed 26 percent up to state banks, is part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s objective to help lenders tighten capital requirements for slower economic growth in a fair and a lower demand erode the capacity of borrowers, pay loans. The worsening debt is now the highest since 2000, hampering the expansion of credit needed to boost Asia’s third-largest economy.

“The injection proposal is a qualitative leap from what was promised before, when India tried a large amount of the gap to cover the underlying stock in state-owned banks,” said Jobin Jacob, associate director of Bombay Fitch Ratings, Ltd., This speaks of a “weak core capitalization, one of the main drivers of our negative outlook for the banking sector of the South Asian nation.”

Modi’s Investors Service analyst Srikanth Vadlamani said the relocation was a “significant positive credit” for India’s state-owned banks. The promised amount of capital sufficient to meet the challenges that creditor’s solvency and adequately recapitalize, Vadlamani, vice president of the group of financial institutions of Moody Corp. Unit, said by telephone.

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The government will trade 1.35 trillion rupees recapitalization bonds, while other banks of 760 billion rupees will increase in a “budget support” and markets, announced after the plan on Tuesday.

Funds beyond the 700 billion rupees, which India had promised two years ago to inject in 2019, and it is likely that it was acknowledged that the government had underestimated the impact that bad loan growth would make on growth of the credit. Former Central Bank Governor Raghuram Rajan had extensive measures to control acid credit, including banks encourage each other and to force lenders to merge to recognize hidden bad debts.