Mass Shooting In San Diego Pool Results In 1 Death And 7 Injuries


A deadly mass shooting took place in San Diego University City apartment complex when a gunman started shooting at people.

The gunman killed one woman and injured 7 other people before he was executed by San Diego police.

At around 6:07pm, the San Diego police department received many calls from several witnesses of the shooting. Dozens of police officers then responded to the La Jolla Crossroads Apartments at Judicial Drive and Sydney Court.


At 10:30 pm, Shelley Zimmerman, San Diego Police Chief, carried a news conference where she confirmed the police fast response to the incident.

Zimmerman said that a helicopter from Sand Diego police department arrived first at the scene. The pilot of the helicopter witnessed the shooter while reloading his gun. The gunman had a large-caliber handgun.

Three officers then headed to the shooter. He was pointing his gun toward them when the three officers immediately shot and killed him nearby the pool area.

Before the shooting starts, there was a huge birthday party by the pool. The gunman was sitting by the pool relaxing and having a beer. 10 minutes later, the shooter suddenly loaded his gun and started shooting at people while people start running all over the place.

Remarks And Reports

Summing up the status of the victims, Zimmerman reported: “There were eight victims that were transported and four of the victims were African-American females who were suffering from gunshot wounds that were taken to area hospitals.”

“Two African-American males were taken to an area hospital suffering from gunshot wounds, one Hispanic male suffering from a gunshot wound taken to an area hospital and then one African-American male fleeing the area broke his arm when he was fleeing the gunfire.”

Later, the police identified the shooter as Peter Selis, a 49 year-old-man. Whereas the motive for Selis to shoot people is unclear, Police said he was a resident of the apartment complex.