Maxime Hamou Banned From Roland Garros Over Sexual Act


Tennis star, Maxime Hamou, will no longer take part in this year’s French Open after he tried to make out with a TV reporter without her consent when he was being interviewed.

The decision to kick out Maxime Hamou was taken by the tournament organizers for his inexcusable act which shocked the sporting community.

The act from the French man’s act almost took the shine away from the main event of the sports. As Andy Murray struggled to get past his opponent. Maxime Hamou was being interviewed by the Eurosport journalist when he reached out for her neck, groping her and tried to force his lips on her after his defeat in the first round.

“It was an unpleasant experience for me and I would most probably have hit him if I wasn’t on the air. It was the least thing that I expected from him” May said after the incident.
Maxime was subsequently banned from the site of Roland Garros and it is expected that the ban will extend to future tournaments on the ground.

“The directors of the tournament have made a decision to cancel Maxime’s accreditation following the reprehensible behaviour that he pulled off on Monday with a journalist” said a statement released by Roland Garros.

The decision was backed up by a spokesman for Eurosport, who stated that his act was “highly inappropriate”.
“His behaviour was totally inappropriate and acts like this are not condoned by our organizations” the spokesman said.

“Maly is a journalist that is highly respected and it is great that we’ve received an apology over the incident. We have also apologized to our viewers who might have been acted by the careless act.”

Lack Of Respect

This incident shares a starting resemblance to an interview involving West Indis cricket a player, Chris Gayle, who ignored the questions of a female journalist and turned the attention to something else. He said:

“You have beautiful eyes and hope when this game is over so we could go for a drink later at a cool spot. You don’t have to blush lady.”
An incident of similar nature occurred earlier this year as Romania tennis legend, Ilie Natasie, attempted to make a move on the captain of Britain’s Fed Cup, Anne Keothavang when she was pregnant.