McClaren Drivers To Start Race From Last Place


McLaren drivers Stoffel Vandoorne and Fernando Alonso will kick off their race from the back in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix due to a penalty imposed on the team due to their engine failure.

This sanction comes after their engine upgrade alongside other problems related to their engines reliability in the last couple of races.

The two McClaren drivers have made use of more than the number of parts that are allowed in Formula One after only seven races out the total of 21.

Alonso will start ahead of Vandoorne as his penalty totals only 15 places which are lower than that of Vandoorne which is 30.

Fernando Alonso said; “The best we can do is to try and get through this weekend as best as we can, do the best we can but we know that a lot of things are out of our hands,”

“We aware of the fact that this might be the case all season. We have made use of the maximum amount if engines that we are permitted to use in jus seven races. Now we need to start behind in other races.

“This will make things a lot of things difficult for us but the best we can do is to try to make the most of the situation,”
The penalties are as a result of the fact that the two drivers are now making use of brand new turbo and MGU-H engine which gets it energy from a turbo.

The extra penalty that is being imposed on Vandoorne’s is due to the fact that Honda wants to change the whole engine power-unit on his car on Friday.

More Engine Test

Before the race this weekend, both drivers had used 5 turbo/MGU-Hs in just 7 race which is more than the 4 that is allowed for the whole year.

Honda will also be carrying out a test on some new parts during the engine practise phase on Friday and will decide on carrying out any upgrade once that is done.