Medical Flight Crash Kills All Passengers


In Nevada, there was an air-ambulance plane crash. The plane was transporting a heart-disease patient, from a hospital in Utah. It crashed in a parking lot, located in northern Nevada. All four passengers on the plane were killed in the explosion. The plane was carrying the patient and three crew members The accident happen on Friday evening.

Brian Reed, the Elko police chief said passengers on the plane were Edward Clohesey from Spring Creek, NV, staff members, Tiffany Urresti from Elko, NV, Jake Sheppard from Utah, and pilot Yuji Irie. He went on to say that Urresti’s death was difficult and “hit pretty close to home”, because she was a volunteer firefighter. The patient was being transported to the University of Utah Medical Center by American Medflight. The medical center is located in Salt Lake City.

The crash was near a casino, in the parking lot for a mining company. Close by was the Elko Regional Airport. The American Medflight is based in Reno, NV. NBC News attempted to contact the organization, but there was no immediate response to email or telephone request for comment. A statement was released by the president of American Medflight, John Burruel, stating that they were cooperating with the Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board, while the accident is being investigated. In the statement, Burruel said, “As an air medical family, we are mourning the loss of our crewmembers and patient. Their families have been notified, and they are in our thoughts and prayers.”

The parents of Tiffany Urresti said that their daughter was a former ER nurse that dreamed of becoming a flight nurse. Urresti was able to achieve that dream, when she began working for American Medflight almost two months ago. Urresti was also engaged in May to be married.