Microsoft and Apple collaborate to make Skype available for iOS users


Microsoft made an official announcement about its partnership with Apple to build Skype for iOS. Skype has gotten the first set of improvement which includes contacts removal, multitasking during calls, conversations and other improvements for notifications.

Microsoft’s Skype seems to be a miss for its clients

Microsoft introduced its most recent version of Skype lately, but it appears to be that the customers do not receive it well, both Android and iOS users. According to reports, since the release of the latest version of Skype, its rating on Apple’s App Store has been dropping steadily. Consequently, Microsoft in a recent blog pointed out that it will update its iOS app, adding more improved features.

Microsoft acknowledged in a blog post that it has been following and responding the feedbacks by its users since the recent version was released. The company is pleading with its users to support the development of the next Skype generation together.

A report by Softpedia says that Skype for iOS has gotten its first set of improvements which includes conversations, delete contacts, ability to multitask during calls and other improvements for notifications. Microsoft emphasized that its mission doesn’t just stop with the improvements mentioned above; it will continue to make improvements including new functions and features in the coming months.

Bottom line

With time, it’ll be clear if the recent developments will help Microsoft gain their lost ratings. Microsoft stated that the motive of this new app underway is to make the world a smaller place where people can be closer to each other than before. With the help of the masses, Microsoft believes the project will keep getting better.