Militant group threatens UN, East Africa states


A shadowy militant group on Monday threatened attacks on the United Nations interests in East Africa.

“To the United Nations you have seen what the brave knights in Somalia are capable of doing in the name of Allah,” the self-styled Al-Muhajirin group said in a statement.

“In East Africa, you [UN] continue to support and encourage injustice against the Muslims,” it claimed.

Last month, the militant group threatened attacks in the East African countries of Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda.

The group, which is linked with the Somali Al-Shabaab militant group, claims that it seeks to establish sharia (Islamic law) in the three East African countries.

In its Monday statement, the militant group threatened attacks in East Africa.

“To the believers of democracy in East Africa we say to you we are Al Muhajirun (emigrants) of East Africa. You have continued to inflict pain and suffering with impunity upon the Muslims of East Africa,” it said.

The militant group was believed to be behind a recent killing of an Ugandan prosecutor in March.