Mohammad BaqerQalibaf, has withdrawn from Iran’s presidential election


The Iranian presidential election has been scheduled to hold by 19th may this year, out of 1,600 registered candidates, only six was confirmed to run for the post of the presidency. The candidate approved includes incumbent President, Hassan Rouhani, the vice president, EshaqJahangiri, cleric EbrahimRaisi, MostafaMirsalim, MostafaHashemitaba, and Mohammad BaqerQalibaf. There is great indication that the president will be re-elected, after the 68 years old achieved a crucial 2015 deal of long international stagnation in Iran’s nuclear programme. One of the common tactics in Iran is sudden withdrawer of a candidate and passing its support to another candidate, the vice president, EshaqJahangiri is expected to step down for his boss and cast his support for the incumbent president.

MrQalibaf one of president Hassan Rouhani contender, on 15 of May make it known to his supporters to back cleric EbrahimRaisi against the incumbent president Hassan Rouhani, who is aiming for a second term. Qalibaf due to pressure from the clerical establishment has been forced to drop out. The statement published in the Iranian state media saw MrQalibaf writing his intention of withdrawing his candidacy for EbrahimRaisi so as to end President Rouhani’s impotent and inefficient administration. He further explained that for unity in revolutionary font, a crucial and fundamental decision must hold. In protecting this great ideal, all my supporters across the country are to hand all their support to the success of EbrahimRaisi our dear brother.
MrRaisi is likely to be the key challenger to MrRouhani, the incumbent president. MrRaisi appointment in March 2016 as the Iran’s important wealthy religion foundation gave him influence and prestige for overseeing the Shia shrine of Mashhad city.

Pre polls tip MrRouhani to win the upcoming election; it is not sure if the gap will be more than 50% or will lead to a run-off on 26 May. MrRaisi promising the Iranian peoples his capacity and ability to build a self-sufficient resistance economy, with millions of jobs to be created and giving cash support to the poor.
Apart from Mohammad BaqerQalibaf, Vice-president EshaqJahangiri, MostafaMirsalim and reformist MostafaHashemitaba are also expected to withdraw before the election.