Mosque Bombing kills at least 50 in Nigeria


Some worshippers in a mosque were attacked by a teenage suicide bomber as they had gathered for prayers that morning, at a mosque located in the northern part of Nigeria. The bomb attack left a minimum of 50 persons dead, in one of the regions of the country that has witnessed the most deadliest attacks in years.

There were blood stains and bloody debris all over the inner parts of the mosque at Mubi in Adamawa State where worshippers had arrived around about 5 in the morning to pray and worship, outside, mourners and onlookers gathered around the dead.

The president of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari had tweeted that he was greatly saddened by the wicked and cruel attacks and that he was shocked by the dastardly suicide bombing attack.

He added in his post that he hopes that the dead and their loved ones be comforted.

U.S claims strikes linked to 100 tied to militant group Al-Shabab

Over 100 people had been killed by the military of the United States who were identified to be linked to the Islamic militant group Al- Shabab, continuing an increased pace of attacks targeted at Somalia, officials on Tuesday said.

Associated Press reports

Othman Abubakar told the Associated Press that the number of those who were injured in the strikes were still being ascertained and that they are in various hospitals.

While no group immediately claimed responsibility for the attacks, suspicion immediately fell on Boko Haram, a known extremist group in the area.

The extremist group has its base in Borno State, and the past had claimed responsibility for scores of attacks that had been carried out around the area.

The attack on Tuesday was the first they have experienced since the area that is Mubi town was free from Boko Haram insurgents in 2014.

The insurgent group has increasingly been using young women and teenagers as bombers, many of whom have been taking away from them.