Mother And Step-son Vanish In Mysterious Grand Canyon Disappearance


The Grand Canyon National Park has been the location of a mysterious disappearance of a mother and her 14 year old step-grandson since 15 days.

Authorities have been sweeping off the region in order to locate the two but have till now not being able to track them.

The last signal emitted from the missing Standefer and LouAnn Merrell has been in the bottom of the canyon during a hike from the North Rim to an area known as Tapeats Creek.

A scary find has emerged in the recent days, as a body of an unknown person has emerged by a commercial river trip is likely Jackson Standefer, of Chattanooga, Tennessee; according to officials.

Dead corpse sent to authorities

The Coconino County Medical Examiner’s Office has immediately received the corpse via helicopter delivery and is in the process of examining the identity through DNA sample testing.

Although no confirmation has been given by local authorities that the body found is the remains of their beloved nephew, the family of the missing couple have been frustrated and in serious mental depression as they described the young boy to be loving and well-loved boy who was always smiling.

Dangerous surrounding

Officials have analyzed the disappearance from the little evidence that is provided, to conclude that the teenager and his step-grandmother were crossing a creek when they lost their footing and were swept away.

The story is still a headline in the local region as locals and Park rangers spent days searching with a helicopter, ground crew, drone and motorized inflatable boat; not giving up in hope to be able to save them in case they are alive.

The uniqueness of the region and its beauty attracts several hikers to go there but is described by them to be sometimes a very dangerous place for inexperienced amateurs.