Mother Of All Bombs Is A “Message Of Determination In The War On Terrorism”


Known technically as the GBU-43B, the Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb or MOAB has turned the concept of war on terrorism upside down.

In an unparalleled strike on Afghani ISIL militias, the U.S command, under the order of Gen.

John Nicholson, has instructed the Air Force to drop the largest non-nuclear bomb on a cave-complex in Afghanistan near the Pakistani border.

The assault on the Islamic State stronghold was conducted under the umbrella of the pentagon and according to high officials: “Didn’t need and didn’t request President Donald Trump’s approval”. News was circulating around media conglomerates, estimating the cost of the bomb to exceed 300 million dollars, which was denied by the pentagon and rationalized at 170,000$, creating further controversy around their statement.

Speculations surrounding many foes

The strong hit to the terrorist organization was launched by a special operations MC-130 aircraft sending a destructive 21,000 ldb missile nicknamed “The Mother of All Bombs”.

Experts speculated about the motives behind the significant magnitude of the strike, indicating the probability for a warning to the isolated nuclear state of North Korea that is provoking the international community with nuclear ballistic missile tests.

Others though it would be a message to Moscow and Tehran, concerning the absence of reluctance, to annihilate with all means the uncompromising bloody regime of Bashar El-Assad in Syria.

American determination

Gen. John Nicholson, inquired about the main motives, clarified the new approach taken by the U.S armed forces to tackle the extremely difficult chase of terrorists in remote mountainous areas of eastern Afghanistan.

He further added that the unprecedented use of such a weapon should send a clear message to any Islamic State affiliate in the world, the seriousness of his countries determination to destroy all kind of radical entities threatening the global power and her allies.