Multistate Manhunt Searching For Suspect Who Killed Elderly Man In Facebook Video Homicide


State, local, as well as federal law enforcement officials have begun frantically seeking a potential suspect who is being accused of the shooting death of a man, 74, on Sunday in the city of Cleveland, Ohio, then uploading the chilling video of his murder on Facebook.


Authorities stated on Monday that a suspect, who police identified as Steve Stephens, 37, is now at large and a target of their multi-state manhunt.

Calvin Williams, Cleveland’s Police Chief, had announced during a news conference this morning that the authorities proceeded to follow multiple leads as well as searched various locations and found nothing, but that, “Steve is still out there someplace.”

“We’re still asking Steve to turn himself in, but if he doesn’t, we’ll find him,” added Williams. “We’re not going to stop until he’s in custody.”

Authorities stated that Stephens had pulled up on a Cleveland roadside in a Ford Fusion at about 2 p.m. on Sunday, and in the footage stated: “I found somebody I’m about to kill.”

“I’m about to kill this guy right here; he’s an old dude,” said Stephens while he approached the elderly man, identified as Robert Godwin Sr. He was looking for cans along the sidewalk in his town.

“Can you do me a favor?” said Stephens to Godwin prior to asking the man to say Joy Lane, a still unknown name.

“Joy Lane?” responded Godwin.

“Yeah,” replied Stephens. “She’s the reason why this is about to happen to you.”

He then asked Godwin what his age was, then proceeded to raise his gun, point it at the man, and pull the trigger.

The camera then spun around; and when it came back into focus, the body of Godwin was laying on the sidewalk’s ground.

Appeals For Help

During the news conference on Monday, the chief of police said to the public that if they have any information regarding the crime, to call 911.

“If there’s somebody that’s helping Steve, or if you think you’re helping Steve, you’re really not,”  the chief stated. “You’re going to get yourself in trouble, along with him. The only way for you to help him is to give us the information to bring him in safely, peacefully.”