Mural Featuring Pope Francis Kissing Devilish Trump With Horns Appears Near The Vatican


A huge mural of Pope Francis kissing Donald Trump appeared in on Thursday. The mural featured trump wearing devil horns.

The mural appeared in a street called “Way of the Bank of Holy Spirit” located transversely at the Tiber River from the Vatican.

The mural was put two weeks before Pope Francis and Trump meeting.  It was painted on a paper material by street artists and then pasted on a wall nearby the Vatican.


Francis and Trump are supposed to encounter at the Vatican on May 24 during Trump’s tour; US President’s tour starts in Saudi Arabia, to Israel, passing by Italy and ending in Belgium.

In the mural, Francis is wearing a crucifix while kissing and hugging Trump. The Pope had a yellow shadow over his head, the same color as Trumps hair. Trump was wearing a watch made of gold and a pistol in his pants. Both of them are French kissing.

“The Good Forgives the Evil,” that was the statement written on the belt of the pope’s custom. The statement was signed by “TVBoy,” supposedly referring to Salvatore Benintende, an Italian street artist.

“It is very provocative but not too shocking for someone coming from America.” Victor, California tourist said.

Decorum Squad

As many street artists paste murals on the walls of Rome, there is a sanitation group called “The Decorum Squad.” responsible for taking down such murals.

The Decorum Squad had already removed a mural in the past. This mural featured Pope Francis as a graffiti artist who is painting peace signs on the walls. There was another mural where the Pope was painted as Superman.

Local media criticized the squad for removing the murals describing them as popular art whereas ugly graffiti covers the streets of Rome.