Muslim congressman Keith Ellison wants protests throughout the country against the executive orders


Republican Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), one of the primary possibility to enter the DNC race, is likewise the most politically conspicuous individual from a confidence singled out in Trump’s official requests incidentally ending the visa talk with process from seven countries and the exile spill out of Syria. Ellison turned into the principal Muslim individual from Congress in 2007. On Friday, before making a beeline for Houston, he joined a rally in Miami-Dade County against arrangements for it to collaborate in Trump’s crackdown on haven urban areas; previous work secretary Tom Perez, seen as the other leader in the DNC race, reacted to Trump’s arrangement to research “voter extortion” with a commentary about Texas’ experience pursuing apparition misrepresentation cases.

Once in Houston, Ellison ended up hurdling between gatherings with DNC individuals while Muslim legitimate gatherings were gathering stories of stranded displaced people and working, futile up until this point, to rejoin them with families.

Ellison stated, “I’ve heard from people who were on the way to Minnesota and were blocked. They’re stopping people at the border right now. They’re breaking up families now. This is an absolute affront to America as a welcoming nation that gives refuge to suffering people. It is basically sending a positive signal to people who hate this country, because now ISIS gets to say, ‘See? They don’t want you.’ They get to whip up hate and anti-American sentiment.”

While no Republican individuals from Congress have stood in opposition to the previous evening’s official requests, Ellison called attention to that his associates had restricted them in the past, before the 2016 decision.

As per Ellison, “Speaker Ryan said that using religion as a criteria for any treatment of people is wrong an un-American. Well, Trump said he wanted a Muslim ban. He has selected only Muslim countries to ban people. We can’t tolerate it.”