Mylan begins harvesting until harvest has been sown


This is an interesting fight going on within Mylan Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ: MYL). You, of course, are generic medicines whose cost has long been EpiPen (understandable) and they were a bully for drug cost claims as a whole.

This article from the New York Times that the company’s taste is the most disordered

In the last four years to understand the culture of Mylan, accounted for a series of discussions that a middle-level manager level in 2014 was concerned about the high prices of EpiPens started in the company, which more than doubled; there were rumors that more aggressive streets were planned. Aspects of their accounts were discussed by Mylan.

(2014) meeting, executives began Mylan top leader warns that rising prices as improper speculation at the expense of sick children and adults, took part in conversations. Over the next 16 months, these internal warnings have been released. At a meeting, joint leaders with their problems with President Mylan, Robert Coury.

Mr. Coury said he was worrying. He took two middle fingers and said in a colorful language that anyone who criticized Mylan, including his employees, should go with them. Critics in Congress and Wall Street, he said, should do the same. And regulators for food and medicines. This round of anatomically demanding self-esteem deserves.

Hermosa, as the article says, the company has decided that every criticism is just the cost of doing business and its commercial EpiPens sold at the best price they can. Bad news, angry parents, asking for a change – that does not mean a lot.

So what will be the two things that come to mind are major FDA actions, or changes in enterprise management. However, the FDA was not the price regulator (it did not always get the public). They regulate the safety and efficacy of medication approval, and after approval, the side effects (if they need to change labeling or medication have to be completely removed), and also try to ensure that medicines are not properly sold (false data or other illegal claims). Actually there is no legal framework for the FDA to come up and say, “This medicine costs too much”.