Nearly 3,000 Migrants Moved From ‘Illegal Camps’ In Paris


Over 2,700 migrants moved from makeshift camps to temporary shelters

Over 30 migrant relocation efforts have been made in Paris, France as of June 2015. As official shelters and refugee aid centers fill to capacity, migrants resort to make-shift camps below bridges or on the streets of Paris.

Photographs of the camp evacuated on Friday morning reveal the ground littered with trash, lengths of tarp, blankets, and mattresses resting on the ground.

An official from Paris City Hall stated that roughly 100 people from the Middle East and eastern Africa were arriving to Paris every day.

The so-called illegal camps were declared by Parisian police to “present significant risk for the safety and health of their occupants and for local residents.”

French President Emmanuel Macron said earlier in the week he wants to improve the processing system for refugees, after repeated criticism from aid groups about the rough treatment refugees and migrants receive from French authorities.

Make-shift camps part of a larger problem

The number of refugees and migrants setting up camps on the streets of Paris has increased since 2016, following the closure a large refugee camp in Calais.

The Calais “Jungle” camp was shut down by authorities to prevent migrants from illegally crossing into the UK from the Eurotunnel.

On Friday morning, French authorities and riot police arrived in large vans to remove the migrants in a large make-shift camp and begin clearing the area of bedding, trash, and make-shift shelters.

The evacuation of the make-shift camp went smoothly, and the Ile de France prefecture stated 2,771 migrants and refugees were now receiving social and medical assistance at temporary shelters.

Of the individuals moved on Friday, 161 were declared to be “single foreign minors and women”, or vulnerable individuals.