Netanyahu storms against ‘biased’ UN resolution


Benjamin Netanyahu is known as a leader who does not shy away from controversy. The Isreali Prime Minister just a days after the United Nations Security Council’s appropriation denounced the country’s settlement development, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday vowed that he would impose “strategic and monetary cost” from nations who acted against Israel.

Netanyahu additionally declared he would end his nation’s commitments to some United Nations foundations and further re-assessed the need of the UN’s delegates that are still his country.

Isreal PM made those remarks at a Hanukkah flame lighting service for injured troops who had given their time to serve the country. Mr. Netanyahu chastised  President Obama for not vetoing the Security Council’s measure. Benjamin Netanyahu said he would work with the incoming Republican President Donald Trump to repeal it.

Portraying the determination passed on Friday as “mutilated and silly,” Mr. Netanyahu stated the measure set in place by the United Nations Committee is one sided against Isreal.

With the high expectation of President-elect Donald Trump,  Mr. Netanyahu expects him to be a lot more lenient of Israel’s settlement movement in the possessed West Bank and in East Jerusalem.

Netanyahu’s review of New Zealand and Senegal s sent these two countries packing, they were two of the four nations that supported the measure and helped to push it through. The Ukrainian leader is next on Isreal leader’s list as reports have surfaced stating that Mr. Netanyahu had canceled out the visit by a Ukraine contingent. He further stated that he was ceasing 30 million shekels — about $7.8 million US dollars — in subsidizing to five United Nations foundations that are “especially antagonistic to Israel.”