NFL Opens Investigation On Carl Johnson


The NFL has opened an investigation into the allegation of domestic abuse against a line judge, Carl Johnson.

Carl Johnson who once held the position of the vice president of the league’s officiating board is now under investigation after series of the petition were submitted to the management of the NFL.

“We are currently reviewing the incident to see if it is in line with the league’s personal conduct policy.” A spokesman for the league said on Tuesday.

NFL Rule On Domestic Violence Clear

All employees of the league are bounded by the domestic violence policy that it promotes which prescribes a 6 game ban for first-time offenders. Although certain circumstances can lead to a reduction or increase in the total number of games.

The incident was first reported earlier this year by a lady Johnson was staying with at the time. She also filed a restraining order against him in July. Although the request was not granted by the court in July. She has since appealed the ruling.

The sheriff’s office also revealed to reporters that the case is being investigated.

Johnson was one of the top officials in the NFL from 2010-2013 before he made his comeback to the field as the first full-time official of the NFL. He later dropped his full-time status some years later and was no longer listed as one of the 21 full-time officials by the league.