Number Of Civilian Casualties In Mosul Sparks Vocal Criticism By Organizations Globally


Devastating numbers of reported civilian casualties, in the city of Mosul in Iraq, by the forces of the United States formed coalition; has prompted vocal critiques by humanitarian organizations on the local and international level. The latest upsurge of figures has emerged at the rear of conducted airstrikes against the so called Islamic state.

Ambiguous allegations

US official have yet to substantiate the degree of the “collateral damage” . The US Army Chief of Staff reported to the press during his stopover in Baghdad at the Iraqi Defense Ministry, commenting on an airstrike ushered on the 17th of March this year: “It is very possible that ISIS blew up that building to blame it on the collation in order to cause a delay in the offensive into Mosul and cause a delay in the use of collation airstrikes, that is very possible”

The magnitude of casualty caused was marked by two incidents, this week, where a couple of strikes have caused over 307 deaths leaving the number of  fatalities to reach  3 digit numbers since Mr. Donald Trump took office in the White House.

Unavoidable damage

In contrast to previous battles, in urban locations, with the globally renown terrorist organization, the battlefield this time has not been evacuated by the Iraqi government. Avoiding mass deracination of the local population, authorities have acquainted citizens to remain at home leaving four hundred thousand inhabitants ambushed in the fight with IS militants. The high compactness of population i certain areas of the city leaves little space for artillery and airstrikes to dodge the innocent residents.

Mr. Trump has repeatedly vowed during his presidential campaign to “Bomb the sh** out of ISIS”. If the unfolding scenario is the outcome of his promises, then we could see in the near future the damage caused by the coalition forces to aggravate and create fertile soil of anger for the Islamic state to harvest.