Officer Killed Outside Police Headquarters


A San Antonio cop was killed on Sunday morning, outside the police headquarters, after he was shot in the head twice, by a suspect that fled the scene, police said. San Antonio Police Chief William McManus told journalists that the officer, who was not instantly identified, was issuing a ticket following a traffic stop that was on the south side of the public safety building in the city.

A dark car that McManus depicted as either a Nissan or a Toyota hauled up behind the police vehicle. McManus said a dark man wearing a dim shirt and dark jeans exited the vehicle, strolled up to the officer’s driver’s side window and let off one shot, hitting the officer in the head. At that point, McManus said, “He reached in again, firing a second time.”

The suspect, who McManus said is somewhere around 5’7” and 6’0”, strolled back to his vehicle, pulled around the officer’s vehicle and drove through the parking lot of the police headquarters. They pronounced the 20-year veteran police officer dead at a neighborhood clinic, he said. McManus, who informed that the suspect was still at large, stated that agents had not yet decided on a motive. Be that as it may, he contrasted the shooting with focused assaults on cops earlier within the year.

In Dallas, five officers were slaughtered and 12 were harmed when a sharpshooter opened fire amid a dissent on July 7. After ten days, in Baton Rouge, three more officers were killed and three were harmed in what officials portrayed as an ambush. “It’s happened here,” McManus said, including: “It’s everybody’s worst nightmare.” Police are still investigating and searching for the suspect that was involved in the killing. We will continue to keep you up-to-date as more information is learned on this homicide.