Penguin Stolen From German Zoo Found Headless


A penguin has been found decapitated, it has been previously stolen from a zoo in the southwestern German city of Mannheim.

Vets believe that the injuries weren’t caused by humans, but rather scavengers attracted by the dead body.

The penguin was abducted from a zoo on Sunday, an investigation into its disappearance and death has been opened by Prosecutors in Mannheim, according to Michael Klump, police spokesman. The penguin was found without its head in a parking lot on Thursday.

Spokeswoman for the Luisenpark animal park, Alexandra Wind, said that they were all in shock, that they had hope but now the incident has come to a sad end.

Investigation is underway:

The penguin’s body, which weighs 5-kilogram and is 60-centimeters tall, is being examined by veterinarians, according to the police.

They identified it thanks to the number 53 on its wing. “The time of death and potential actions of a third party are being investigated,” spokeswoman Wind stated.

The penguin, which is a South American Humboldt, was searched for by the police shortly after it disappeared. It was 10 months old. The animal was found dead in the parking lot next to the zoo by a passerby.

Police in the city of Mannheim said in a statement that it looks as though the perpetrator got rid of the animal there. It is not clear whether the penguin was still alive at the time.”

Reward for info from PETA:

PETA, the well-known animal rights organization, has offered a 1,000-euro reward for any information on the killer. Peter Höffken of PETA’s German office in Stuttgart, stated that they hope that this brutal act can be cleared up and that the animal abuser would be convicted.

Humboldt penguins are an endangered species. In the wild, they live on the Pacific coast of Peru and northern Chile. They are the relatives of African penguins.