Pictures of Elon Musk’s traffic solution shared online


The solution is a tunnel. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX posted a few photos online of a tunnel that was being created underneath Los Angeles by The Boring Company, one of the Musks’ smaller companies. The photo brings a slight assurance that one of the many dreams had by the entrepreneur has been birthed into a million-dollar effort able to transform the traffic of the ever-bubbling city of Los Angeles.

Celebrating via his tweet, Musk made public that the tunnel at present was currently over 400 feet in length, and that in a year in would be able to stretch from the International Airport at Los Angeles to the 101st Route along the interstate. The 405 is well known by commuters to be the most traffic-laden highway around, and by some definitive way, the venture by Musk will in a long way ease the flow of traffic.

The Boring Company owned by Musk according to him (Elon Musk) came to mind when he was sadly caught in traffic and is aimed at reducing the problem by removing the vehicles and channelling them to a Tunnel.

Tunnels and Hyperloops

All this talk of high speeds and tunnel might remind you of another part of Musk’s project: the Hyperloop. When we talk about Tunnels and lots of speed, Musks’ other plan, ‘The Hyperloop ‘. It follows that the Boring Company’s focus more efficiently may agree with the sent proposals.