Pilot And Co-pilot Both Killed After UPS Cargo Plan Steers Off Runway


A UPS contracted cargo plane steered off its runway course and past a hillside in an airport in West Virginia Friday morning killing both the Pilot and his co-pilot according to airport officials.

After the initial crash, the plane uncontrollably rolled down a very steep, wooden hill in which emergency crews were attempting to reach survivors from both below and above the crash site reported Mike Plante, an airport spokesman.

“It’s difficult terrain to negotiate,” Plante explained.


A statement was release by The Federal Aviation Administration, explaining the cause of the crash had been instigated by a blow to the left wing upon touchdown prior to steering off track down a hill.

Plante stated the cargo plane had begun its journey in Louisville, Kentucky, takin off at 5:43 with a landing scheduled for Charleston airport at 6:51 am. He described it as a small plane with twin-engine turboprop.

Plante reported that officials had no knowledge as to why the plane, which regularly flew between airports, had crashed this particularly clear, sunny day.


Investigations are underway by the National Transportation Safety Board. According to WOWK-TV, the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection has implemented a clean-up crew to help with airport restoration efforts.

UPS stated they had been made aware of the incident at Charleston airport in which a feeder plane carrying UPS deliveries however had no further details at this time.

Airport officials have quoted a spend of $290 million in order to restore and extend damages caused to the runway in 2015 when a landslide incident destroyed a nearby house and church. The renovation proposal aims to lengthen the runway to a total of 8,000 feet.