Plug on Sexual Abuse movie pulled by Channing Tatum, Ties cut with Weinstein Company


Following the revelations of the scandal of sexual assault of Harvey Weinstein Channing Tatum, popular actor and producer is abandoning his movie with the Weinstein Company.

The announcement was made on Wednesday by Tatum with Reid Carolin His partner in production that the development of the movie has been halted. The movie is a film adaptation of Matthew Quick’s novel “Forgive me, Leonard Peacock” in 2013, whose main focus is a high school student who had plans of murdering his best friend and himself due to a case of sexual assault. The production would have been the first co-directed movie between the two producers.

All further productions with TWC to be cancelled

Also announced was a cutting of interests and ties with TWC following the firing of Weinstein in the wake of the controversy.

The reports were posted on Tatum’s pages on social media. He lauded all the women who have been courageous enough to come out in the open since the eruption of the scandal on the 5th October.

In Tatum’s statement, he shared that the single project that was in the works with TWC has been terminated, stating further, he said “ We are conscious of the great message the book carries despite the fact that this project or any other will not be done with the people at TWC. It’s an ample opportunity at betterment that we are honored to so commit ourselves, abuse is to be rid from our culture of creativity, and we are glad to contribute to this course.”