Polls close on final day of Sudan elections

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KHARTOUM – Polls closed Wednesday on the fourth and final day of voting in Sudan’s parliamentary and presidential elections.

Polling centers nationwide closed their doors at 7pm (1600 GMT), except those in the central Al-Gazirah State, where voting was extended to Friday after the electoral process was disrupted at 152 local polling stations.

The National Elections Commission (NEC) said Thursday that vote counting would begin at 8am Friday at all polling centers.

Final results will be announced on April 27, the NEC added.

The three-day vote had been scheduled to end on Wednesday, but the commission extended it for an extra day until Thursday due to low turnout during the first three days.

The elections have been dogged by logistic, administrative and security difficulties, according to the electoral commission.

Up to 13 million Sudanese were eligible to vote in the polls, which incumbent President Omar al-Bashir, who has ruled the country for over 25 years, is expected to win.

Opposition parties, for their part, have criticized the polls, calling on supporters to boycott the vote.

Voters also elected 425 members of parliament and 2,235 members of state legislative assemblies.

Another 1,072 candidates vied for seats in Sudan’s National Assembly, while over 7,000 ran for state legislative assembly seats.