President Duterte claims gangsters are the controller of illegal drugs


President Duterte has again emphasized that gangsters are the ones increase the issues of illicit drug in the nation. He pointedly said that he’s not putting the blames on the Chinese government to the increasing drug problem in the country, especially after the P6.4 billion illegal drug from China which made its way via the Bureau of Customs (BOC) in May.

Addressing the audience at the Commemoration of the Balangiga Encounter Day in Eastern Samar, the 116th, which held on 28th of September 2017, President Duterte said the Bamboo gang had taken the lead. Many of the gangsters, Chinese, taken over the business and taken control of drugs. He added that the Chinese government and its people don’t have anything to do with it, President Duterte said he doesn’t mean the Chinese strictly when he mentioned triad, but also involves Filipinos.

Gangsters are the brain behind illicit drugs

President Duterte said it’s the gangsters of China and Philippines joined together, makes life miserable for Filipinos.

On Thursday evening, the speech was delivered via the Presidential Communications Facebook page. President Duterte linked the Abu Sayyaf Group. Previously, the United Bamboo triad, based on Taiwan was linked to Hong Kong’s 14K triad by the South China Morning post last two years.

Duterte hinted that the triad packages the finished products in cans equipped with GPS and Chinese markings. When they package it in these cans and throw it over, the lieutenants will search for it and get it.